A theory of conscious evolution

Some of you may wonder, if I’m a creationist or simply believe that “it all appeared once and for all by a man in the sky”. Well, no, I stick to evolutional theories, as they’ve got most facts and are proved. I mentioned such ideas in one of my posts earlier: https://bullfrogr.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/my-idea-of-psi-reality/  The main idea is: Universe is conscious, and souls with most psi-energy (“gods”) have more features here, also the representatives of other big egregors. Such souls appeared from gradually developing mental energy. (or simply “the evolution of information”) But you know, that we need to expand it, as you see lots of facts that I dig and they must mean something!

I suppose that all facts mentioned in the research, are evidence to conscious Universe – by this I mean an evolutionally developed entity, that emerged from some bits of information many years ago. Universe evolved – and everyone knows it. But how did it evolve? We know what changes are happening in genes and the appearing of proper mutations, but not exactly “why”? The presence of consciousness answers the question “why”.

Programmed signs, typical evolutional plots, backward meanings and the special arrangement of objects also are proofs to such a theory. As it shows a self-organized system. Souls with most psi-energy are only participating in the overall flow of events as programs in the computer. We shouldn’t worry about the question of free will (as backward decipherings suggest some events were programmed beforehand – but we have to consider possible past and future variants!), as the “normal” theory of evolution leaves us even less freedom. We are inevitably parts of nature and we evolve with it. The conscious nature of nature shows that we can evolve together with the whole entity (Universal Mind) and still be independent individuals. The choices in the telepathic system are vast – more than in any videogame that humans ever created! The core of evolution may be a gaming process.

I think this theory needs further study and ruminations, as the facts I gathered require some theoretical explanation. But I’m mostly a practical person – as I’ve got no mental capacities for serious scientific work. But maybe someone will continue my work some day…

About bullfrogr

Chess-lovin writer and poet. Water scrying. Paranormal research. Music. Interested in pagan cosmopsychism. Mentally disabled.
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